UFC 112 Odds

UFC 112 on April 10th is sure to be one of the biggest MMA events of this year, with two title defences and a couple of other special fights.

UFC 111 Picks

It has seemed like an endless wait between UFC 110 and 111, despite all the other events in between.

UFC 110 Aftermath

UFC 110 has silenced any criticism of Cain Velasquez, and catapulted George Sotiropulos into the spotlight.
I was lucky enough to attend this UFC event, and I can tell you that the crowd was revved up the entire time for action standing or on the ground – just so long as the fighters were working! While [...]

UFC 110 Odds

UFC 110 is just around the corner, the first big UFC event of the year. It has an absolutely stacked card, and a whole bunch of close contests.

Brock Lesnar to Return

The monster known colloquially as Brock Lesnar, and formally as the Wrestlebeast, has announced its return to the UFC.

UFN Maynard vs Diaz Aftermath

I have to say, the Gray Maynard vs Nate Diaz fight came as something of a shock.

UFC 108 Recap

It’s a New Year, but nothing much has changed after UFC 108.

UFC 107 Aftermath and 108 Pick

UFC 107 saw some incredibly dominant performances from BJ Penn and Frank Mir.

Position on the Ground 2: Position Harder

Last time we looked at the guard, side control, and the mount. Now, let’s look at half-guard, north-south, and rear mount.

UFC 107 Picks

UFC 107 sees BJ Penn defend his title yet again… Oh, it’s a bit too soon to say that, huh?

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